Scholarship Program

The Make Sense Foundation will award two $10,000 Scholarships to selected applicants!

Applicant must be a female living in the United States earning a GPA of at least 3.0 who is preparing to enter any level of college this fall. In accordance with the mission of the Foundation, significant consideration will be given to applicants demonstrating financial need.

Complete an online application and submit the required attachments.

Deadline Extended to April 30!

Scholarships will be payable to the accredited educational institution student is accepted to and enrolled to attend, for general academic expenses.
Questions? Contact Us!

Family members and friends of SeneGence Distributors are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Officers, trustees, distributors, and employees of SeneGence International and the Make Sense Foundation are ineligible to apply. Family members of SeneGence International and the Make Sense Foundation employees are also ineligible.